Physics of Light

Can you solve the murder mystery using different components of the electromagnetic spectrum?

Just before revealing his invisibility cloak to the world a scientist was found dead in his lab. But who did it? Students will use different components of the electromagnetic spectrum to investigate a series of clues to identify which of the three suspects are the murderer.

Requirements: It would be helpful to have access to a projector, and it would be best to run this workshop in a classroom, so the students can use their desks.

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PHYSICS FUNdamentals had the pleasure of trialing the "Physics of Light" workshop at Langley Green Primary school, and here are just a few of their comments:

learn more about science
it was fun
learn in a different way
I enjoyed all of it
I would love to do this again
Enjoyable experience
It was very fun
Was really cool
I now enjoy science a little more
Quite a fun morning
Worked together as a group
Very exciting and fun
I enjoyed it very much
Thank you for a good morning
best time
science can be fun
loved it
thanks for coming
best time ever

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This workshop is aimed at year 6 and year 7 students. If you are in the South East of England and would like to book this workshop at your school contact me on:

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As I am a volunteer with "Inspiring the Future" you can book a time for me to come into your school. I can talk to the students about science, maths, jobs, university, A-levels and much more.

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